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“A successful person never loses……..they either win or learn” John Calipari

Having launched my business back in January 2020, you could be forgiven for asking me right now, “Do you think that was a great idea”? It’s a good question. We are all living through unprecedented times in world that is already  Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous, the classic VUCA model.   If it was challenging enough to launch a business in that kind of world, layering on top the current coronavirus crisis, would appear to some, to be an even crueller twist of fate. 

It’s not time to underplay the truly damaging implications that businesses across the UK, Europe and the globe are suffering, let alone the livelihoods of so many people now under threat.  These are incredibly testing and extraordinary times. So in revisiting the question I pose in the opening paragraph, the likely response from most would probably be “No….not the greatest of ideas”! After all, many businesses have closed, many others have furloughed their employees, most have cut their costs to the bone to remain viable. Discretionary spend on leadership and personal development I’d suggest, would be way down the priorities.

The answer for me, though, goes something like this:

I can’t and won’t turn the clock back. I took a deliberate step into consultancy, having enjoyed 30 years in Corporate world, latterly as HRD with Eurotunnel, the Channel Tunnel Operator,  recognising that many leaders are resourceful and inspirational in normal times and working with them to help them improve has always been an ambition of mine in business.  Leaders now face the challenge of becoming extraordinary in extraordinary times. What an opportunity therefore we all face to re-invent the future and let’s face it, in today’s world,  it is the only credible way to predict it.

Leaders will no longer be able to rely on what they have always done.  They can’t look backwards for answers. For me, they have look forwards for them, but firstly, deep inside themselves. As Einstein once quoted, “Adversity introduces a man to himself”. We can shy away from the challenge; we can choose the easy path.  That just makes us ordinary.  Or we can rise up to the challenge, confront the issues we face and learn how to lead in the new world we face.  This will require leaders to develop skills in innovation and a willingness to experiment, to determine the strategy and path to follow yet truly engage employees through openness and empathy, recognising the incredible resources people have within themselves to respond in new ways. Those leaders setting themselves apart from the rest will be those who have the resolve to transform themselves, their teams and their businesses.  And for me, that starts with the mindset of the leaders themselves in the first instance.

My mindset has answered the question I posed at the head of this article.  It’s the best time to launch my business. I have a mindset that looks to the future and recognises the possibilities and opportunities, not the pitfalls and roadblocks. I’m not naïve enough to know there won’t be obstacles. The question I ask is how I respond to those roadblocks. With a positive forward-looking mindset, I know I can confront them. And tomorrow’s leaders will need to do the same. Life is not about losing.  It’s about winning and if not winning, learning.

I’ve recently had some very interesting feedback about my mindsets habits and behaviours to help me take advantage of the opportunities that are currently arising.

What are the mindsets, habits and behaviours that you need to shift so you can do the same?

It would be great to have a chat with you about this.

Have  great day!

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