About Us

Heads UP HR is a specialised people consultancy recognising that putting people at the heart of business is the only tangible differentiator of business success.

Led by Nick Hawley, former Director of HR at the Channel Tunnel Group GETLINK with over 30 years of down to earth practical HR experience across a broad range of sectors including engineering, manufacturing, automotive, transport and logistics, aerospace, building materials and construction markets. The consultancy draws upon the expertise of consultants and partners with a breadth of experience across the major disciplines of managing people through the employee lifecycle.

At Heads Up HR Ltd, our priority is supporting businesses design, deliver and implement practical and effective strategies to hire right,  engage right, lead right, develop right to in order build your teams and organisation whilst having fun, so they can help differentiate their businesses from the rest.

In the ever increasingly competitive business world we live in, the margins between success and growth, and failure and decline are extremely fine.

Using the latest technology, digital tools and innovative processes, business can make great progress.

Those businesses that truly excel are those that recognise the true power and potential of their people and ensure their approach to engaging and developing their core asset, their people, is first class.

Our expertise as been honed from the experiences and very realities of managing and leading people in a practical and down to earth way.

Attracting, engaging, and leading and developing employees is not easy. Our goal is to help businesses navigate their way through the multitude of different people management approaches and implement very simple, efficient and practical ways to draw the best from their staff.

Our experience allows us to offer a full and complimentary suite of services...

Across the full spectrum of people and talent management activity:- from HR audits and compliance, strategy development, job/person matching, individual and team assessment and development, executive, business and leadership coaching, succession, career and talent management planning, engagement diagnosis, personal and leadership development solutions.

Whether you are a large multi national wanting to lead transformation or SMEs establishing robust processes, our experienced team is there to help….but more than that…..implement solutions.

Take care of your people, and they’ll take care of your business putting your employees first.