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Getting your People Right is Getting your Business Right


Take care of your people, and they’ll take care of your business putting your employees first.

At Heads Up HR Ltd, our priority is supporting businesses design, deliver and implement practical and effective strategies to hire right,  engage right, lead right, team right, develop right and have fun, so they can help differentiate their businesses from the rest.



A specialised people consultancy

Led by Nick Hawley, former Director of HR at the Channel Tunnel Group GETLINK with over 30 years of down to earth practical experience across engineering, manufacturing, automotive, transport and logistics, aerospace, building materials and construction markets, the consultancy draws upon the expertise of consultants and partners with a breadth of experience across the major disciplines of managing people through the employee lifecycle.

Our philosophy

Hire Right

By clearly defining job success criteria and aligning individual motivation and capability to that, you’re getting the right person in the right work -and when you do, they’ll enjoy it. Hiring is not an exact science but we can help predict whether a candidate will be the right fit.

Engage Right

Getting the right people is one thing, engaging them is another. Creating the right environment in which employees can thrive, give of their best and offer discretionary effort will differentiate your business from those that don’t.

Lead Right

Leadership makes or breaks performance – having the right leaders to lead, inspire and elicit the willing cooperation of your staff will set your business apart.

Team Right

Having everyone pulling together in the same direction is obvious, but not easy. Understanding team dynamics, having the right conditions for high team performance will achieve results beyond any individual approach.

Develop Right

Investing in the skills and competencies of your employees keeps them up to date and current with the job requirements. Knowing how they are doing and where they are going is key to retaining your staff.

Organisation Right

Having a fit for purpose organisation with the right culture is key to development of your business. People in the right places, working together, doing the right things, clearly aligned to business strategy will deliver business performance.

How to get your business right with Heads Up HR.


Take care of your people and they’ll take care of your business

Our expertise as been honed from the experiences and very realities of managing and leading people in a practical and down to earth way. Attracting, engaging, and leading and developing employees is not easy.  Our goal is to help businesses navigate their way through the multitude of different people management approaches and implement very simple, efficient and practical ways to draw the best from their staff.

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